Our expertise

Our focus is the demanding design and implementation of information systems in networked or stand-alone Windows environments. We have expertise in:

Usability studies
Windows UI design
Database design
Interconnections of information systems
Hospital Information Systems (HIS), HL7
Laboratory equipment interfaces
Real time programming
Software project management
Repair of existing software

For system design we would use UML, the Universal Modelling Language. In system implementation we have good skills in C, C++, Java, Visual Basic. We are also fast learners, we don't expect difficulties with any tools you may use.

Would you like to have a subcontractor relationship? Ask for references! We have a good track record in delivering in time. Call us! 

Usability studies ] Windows UI design ] Database design ] Communications ] Interconnections of information systems ] Hospital Information Systems (HIS), HL7 ] Laboratory equipment interfaces ] Real time programming ] Software project management ] Repair of software ]