Lab7 provides an HL7 interface for laboratory analyzers and equivalent devices.

Lab7 is the elementary solution for interfacing to a lab
analyzer. It reads the data from the analyzer and transmits it in the form
of HL7 messages to a host system, typically a laboratory information system (LIS).

Lab7 provides the full functionality of two-directional data transfer for up to 30 lab analyzers. It accepts HL7 test orders and queries from external Laboratory Information System (LIS), transmit them to analyzer through RS 232 connector or TCP/IP sockets, and convert the received device response to HL7 messages to be transferred back to LIS. The LIS connection can be either

  • a one or two socket TCP/IP connection,
  • based on flat files, or
  • based on directly accessing the (optional) PostgreSQL database.
  • Supports analyzers compliant with ASTM E 1381/1394 (or ASTM E 1238) standard, or POCT1-A, or HL7
  • Also supports several analyzers with proprietary communication protocols, e.g. Daytona, Provalis, CombiScan, Chiron, Futura, Bio-Rad D-10, VetScan, Sepax, Sysmex, Magellan/Tecan, Nihon Kohden Celltac Haematology, Vitek, CellDyn, Phoresis, Keylab, XRD, XRF, Banjo, Geenius, MulktiskanGO, GeneXpert, Horiba ABX, HumaCount, Spectra Optia, all Cobas analyzers, ACL, ABL, Biolis 30, Beckman AU680, Siemens Advia
  • Supports a PostgreSQL database as an option; use Lab7 for collecting data to this DB and/or send to host LIS
  • Supports analyzer pooling, i.e. instead of dedicated analyzers test orders can be assigned to a pool of mutually similar analyzers
  • Secure data transfer: keeps back-log of both analyzer and LIS communication to recover from loss of connection
  • Supports MLLP and HLLP in communication to/from LIS system
  • Highly configurable with 40+ settings, HL7 messages guaranteed to comply with your LIS
  • Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Very easy and safe to install. Installs nothing in Windows folders
  • Powerful and easy-to-use testing tools, analyzer emulator and host LIS emulator, included
  • Also available as a Windows service build, in addition to the regular GUI build
  • Don't pay $5000+ for an interface program, ask for price!
  • Download free trial version of Lab7
  • Good support, problem response promised within 24h
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - use our tailoring service for your specific needs, including new analyzers

Note: Lab7 is available in source code, as well. Ask for details

Looking for a new LIS system? Check this one developed by one of our customers.

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Lab7 animation

The animation shows the how lab orders and/or queries are transferred from LIS to laboratory analyzer and the result data are transferred back to the LIS. The messages in the TCP/IP-network are in HL7, and the messages transferred between Lab7 and laboratory analyzer are ASTM, HL7, or proprietary messages over serial line, TCP/IP, or flat files.